I am excited to host Campamento Niños Felices​, Happy Kids Camp for a third year. It has been a dream of mine  for many years. I  love learning and experiencing life! I am fascinated with cultures and traditions. As a child, I yearned to learn more about my culture and wanted to learn to speak Italian. My grandparents felt I needed to fit in and be American, so they would not teach me to speak Italian. Back then it wasn’t common to speak dual languages, the benefits and importance of bilingualism wasn’t known and consensus was it was more important to assimilate and blend in.  However, my passion to remember and discover more about my culture and other cultures continues on, even to this day.

I have traveled many parts of the world and I enjoy jumping in, getting my hands dirty and trying new things. It is through hands-on experiences that I thrive and I believe kids do too. I have read many  articles  about the benefits of learning second languages at a young age and I believe whole heartily that children should learn multiple languages starting as early as 6 months old. Our world is becoming smaller and smaller and it’s important to understand all cultures and it will be imperative for our children to speak multiple languages when they are adults.


From the time my daughter was 1 1/2 until she was 4, she attended Spanish All Year in Westbury, New York. She loved the school and was speaking, reading and writing in Spanish. When we moved, I couldn't find a school like the one she attended, which is one of my inspirations for starting this camp.  My son is in the SPLASH program and just finished 1st grade and he is doing well too.  We love the program and my youngest daughter will start the SPLASH program in the 2018/2019 school year.

New this year, Senor Perez has joined our camp and will be leading the rising K-2nd graders and Senora Zelkowicz, will be leading rising 3rd-5th. We are very excited to be working with them this summer and expanding our program! We have also expanded our space and our hours. 

We will be offering cooking, science and other hands on activities that will allow them to have fun through experiential learning activities, while being fully immersed in the Spanish language. We believe in whole-child development and empowerment , teaching them to be leaders. Our camp will not only allow them to have fun but help them to skip the summer slide and thrive!

We hope you will join us as we launch our 3rd year of camp.

Esperamos verte pronto,




Gina Rauscher

Dreamer & Achiever


We believe  that speaking multiple languages is important. Every child should be empowered to develop into their authentic selves. Through the Leader in Me program and interactive STEAM projects, your children will not only come home from camp speaking Spanish but they will come home happy! Camp with us as we take a step to Engineer Our World with Tomorrow's Leaders!


Empower, Play and Thrive

Kids will learn motor, force and motion concepts they will need to know in 1-4th grade through hands-on science experiments.

Through dramatic play, poetry, literature and interactive learning they will enhance their comprehension, sounds, phonetics, reading and writing strategies in both English and Spanish.

Through cooking, they will learn about healthy choices, how to follow instructions, measure and read in Spanish while learning independence and kitchen safety.

We will read and practice the 7 Habits of Happy Kids  by Sean Covey which will help develop life skills and prepare them for school.

Keep the conversation going and enhance their language skills and encourage their interpersonal skills and socialization in Spanish.

Strengthen their English reading and writing skills.

We will do our best to strengthen their skills in  any areas that you help identify a need.

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